Feature list

Formats supported
Open and save: TrueType (.ttf), OpenType PS (.otf), Type 3.2 glyph data (.gfs)
Open only: TrueType collection (.ttc)
Transfer glyphs from: All of above, plus Type 1 (.pfa, .pfb), Mac TrueType (.dfont)

Edit all font metrics, meta-data and names. Easy font renaming tool.
Up to 65535 glyphs. Copy, duplicate and rename glyphs. Edit glyph metrics.
Nodes/control points or TrueType points editing.
Copy, paste, undo, redo, grid, snap-to-grid.

Drawing Tools
Standard bezier drawing tools, freehand draw, knife, ruler, star, polygon, rectangle, ellipse, rotate, skew, stretch, stroke, touch-up tools, remove overlap.

Glyph Validation
Detect common glyph errors and potential issues. Auto-repair option for most problems detected.

Variable fonts (NEW!)
Create and edit variable TrueType fonts.

Import vector graphics from Illustrator/Inkscape etc (.svg). Interactive autotrace.
Insert background images for manual tracing (.jpg, .gif, .png etc)

Preview options
Real-time glyph preview (single glyph or sample text).
Full font preview (all glyphs or paragraph view).

Gasp hinting. Global PostScript hinting (.otf fonts).

Colour fonts
Create and convert between colour font formats (Microsoft Layer, Apple and SVG). Embed and extract SVG and png graphics from SVG and Apple colour fonts.
Full-font colour preview of supported colour fonts.

Add kerning pairs. Add all standard kerning pairs. Save and load kerning pairs.
Adjust kerning pairs visually with 'grab-and-drag'.

OpenType features
Insert preset OpenType features (Standard ligatures, OpenType kerning, Ordinals, Swash, Small capitals, Slashed zero). Create your own OpenType features.

Composite glyph creation
Auto-create all Latin accented characters.
User definable composite glyph creation (Greek extended as an example).

Action scripts
Perform operations (eg bolden) on multiple glyphs, or all glyphs, with simple scripts.

Glyph groups
Specify glyph groups: save glyphs, run actions, link group metrics, OpenType classes, class kerning.

License and support
Licensed for commercial use.
Free support via web-form, email or public forum (read-only).