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Use of the Site

The public forum is available for posting and answering relevant technical questions and comments. It must not be used to distribute spam, advertisements or similar messages. CR8 Software Solutions reserves the right to remove or modify any posts that we feel violate our policies, whether stated, implied or otherwise.


All content that appears on this website is technically verified as far as possible. However, use of information obtained from this website is at your own risk. CR8 Software Solutions, its owners, affiliates, partners and contributing authors cannot be held responsible for any damage or problems that arise from using the information on this website.

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Product Ordering and Delivery

Purchases are handled through third party Payment Processors (PayPal). These Payment Processors have their own Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies that can be read via links that are available on their product-purchase pages. In some cases the Payment Processors may be required to add region-specific sales, use and value added taxes to the product price that is displayed on this website.

Product delivery is via email in the form of a download link and personalised registration code. The process is not fully automated, but orders are usually delivered within one hour of receiving payment. In some circumstances this process may take up to 8 hours.


Up until the time that your download link and registration code has been dispatched, you may cancel your order via email to CR8 Software Solutions, and a refund will be given. Refunds will normally also be given if you have made a purchase in-error, or if you are experiencing unresolvable technical problems which prevent you from using the software. Bear in mind that free demo versions are available for the purpose of establishing that the software is suitable for your use before purchase.

If CR8 Software Solutions considers your request for a refund to be unreasonable then you have the option to approach the Payment Processor and ask them to settle a dispute, in which case their final decision will be honoured.


Any information provided on this website is protected under a copyright held by CR8 Software Solutions. You may refer to this content from books and link to it from other online resources but you may not reproduce or modify it, in whole or in part, without the permission of CR8 Software Solutions.

Privacy Policy

Forums are for public discussion. Any personal information supplied by users during these discussions is widely accessible and you should be careful when deciding to disclose your personal information. CR8 Software Solutions is not responsible for the content posted by users on the public forum. The forum is hosted by ProBoards. Please refer to the ProBoards Terms of Service and Privacy Policy links at the foot of the forum web page.

If you are located outside of the European Union, then this website may sometimes use cookies (for statistical purposes only). This website does not use any method to track your individual browsing habits or to store your personal details. For information about cookie use on the forum, please refer to the ProBoards Privacy Policy. CR8 Software Solutions may use web logs of IP addresses for monitoring traffic statistics only.

CR8 Software Solutions will never have access to your credit card information. Once a purchase is made, Payment Processors will supply CR8 Software Solutions with your name, address and email address. This information is kept on record, but will not, under any circumstances, be distributed to any third party organization. CR8 Software Solutions will not sell your email address, nor provide it to advertisers or mass marketers.

Aside from any content posted on the public forum, any private communication with CR8 Software Solutions (via email, web form or phone) will be kept strictly confidential and will never be made publicly available or distributed to any third party without your permission.


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